What to know about the Mountain Valley Pipeline in the debt ceiling deal

The controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline project gains momentum due to a debt ceiling deal pushing approvals.

The specifics: The 303-mile natural gas pipeline from West Virginia to North Carolina faces opposition from climate groups, conservation groups, and local residents.
* The Fiscal Responsibility Act orders expedited approvals of all permits required for the project completion.
* The federal measure would also quash any lawsuits against the project and change the jurisdiction of new appeals.

Pipeline approval’s background: Sen. Joe Manchin secured a promise from the Biden administration to fast-track the pipeline in exchange for his support of the climate spending bill.
* Manchin receives three times as much money from pipeline companies as any other member of Congress, according to Open Secrets.

Critics’ concerns: Critics on both the left and right express discontent with the debt ceiling deal and bipartisan agreement.
* Progressive Democrats argue the deal doesn’t deliver on clean energy promises, and conservative House members believe it doesn’t go far enough in reaching Republican goals.

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