Mike Pence expected to announce 2024 run for president

Former Vice President Mike Pence is expected to announce his 2024 presidential campaign on June 7.

Signs of a potential run: Pence has made stops in early voting states, announced a Super PAC supporting his bid, and joins at least nine other Republicans vying for the GOP nomination.
* Pence recently stated that he and his family are giving ~~”prayerful consideration”~~ to a presidential campaign.

Campaign focus: Pence aims to return the Republican party to traditional themes such as free markets, fiscal responsibility, support for American allies, and small government.
* He has also made pointed attacks on former President Trump, invoking his own faith, family values, and respect for the constitution.

Pence’s perspective: In a November 2022 interview, Pence mentioned that he believes people want to return to the policies he and Trump represented during their time in office, and that America longs for leadership that unites the country around its highest ideals.

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