Living Better: What it takes to get healthy in America

Diseases like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes complications and liver disease contribute to preventable daily deaths in the US.

Health crisis: America faces a hidden epidemic of chronic preventable diseases that has become more prevalent than smoking as a leading cause of death.
* Despite a world-class healthcare system, the nation’s overall health is not improving.
* The COVID-19 pandemic exposed these issues, with life expectancies falling and remaining lower in the US compared to other countries.

Addressing social determinants: Research indicates that factors such as stress, trauma, social isolation, racism, poverty, and lack of access to resources are driving poor health outcomes.
* Access to health insurance and medical care alone does not guarantee good health without addressing these social factors.

Living better: NPR’s ongoing “Living Better” series explores how Americans can take back their health.
* This series will highlight communities and individuals who have found success in improving health outcomes and policy changes that promote increased access to health resources.

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