‘Like milk’: How one magazine became a mainstay of New Jersey’s Chinese community

Sino Monthly, a New Jersey-based Chinese-language magazine, has become a staple for the state’s Chinese community since its founding in 1991.

A local favorite: Sino Monthly, founded by Ivy Lee and her husband, has maintained its independence while offering news, politics, economy, and cultural coverage for the Chinese community in New Jersey.
* The magazine costs $1.25 per issue and provides a lifeline for new immigrants who lack English proficiency.
* It has also gained a presence on Facebook and WeChat and publishes an e-magazine.

Growing industry: Ethnic media outlets, like Sino Monthly, are thriving in places like New Jersey where communities are spread out.
* According to a recent report by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University, ethnic media is growing in the state.

Preserving history: Sino Monthly serves as a historical record of New Jersey’s Chinese community growth and development.
* The issues are archived at the Rutgers University East Asian Library, but concerns about preservation persist as more news goes online and physical newspapers decay.

Looking ahead: The future of Sino Monthly is uncertain as the pandemic made publishing and reaching readers more challenging, but founder Ivy Lee is determined to keep the magazine alive.

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