Alabama’s law limiting transgender athletes in sports now includes college students

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill into law Tuesday that extends the limitation of transgender athletes in sports to include college students.

Key details: The law prohibits public higher education institutions from allowing transgender individuals to participate in sports that do not correspond with their assigned gender at birth.
* This applies to both public two- and four-year schools.
* The bill builds upon legislation signed in 2021 that restricts K-12 athletes to compete in sports that match their assigned gender at birth.

Legal protections: Schools that uphold the ban will be shielded from investigations or formal complaints, and those that report a violation cannot be retaliated against by governmental, athletic, or academic entities.
* Students who feel deprived of an athletic opportunity or suffer any harm as a result of a violation can sue.

Context: Alabama previously passed laws that criminalized gender-affirming medical care for minors and banned transgender individuals from using bathrooms corresponding to their identified gender.

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