People fleeing Sudan face uncertain futures in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and beyond

More than 350,000 people have fled Sudan due to violence, seeking refuge in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other neighboring countries.

Violence erupts: Conflict broke out on April 15 in Sudan’s capital between the country’s armed forces and tens of thousands of militia fighters.
* Most people fleeing Sudan have headed north to Egypt, while others holding foreign passports went east to Port Sudan and crossed the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.

Arriving in Egypt: Over 150,000 Sudanese have crossed into Egypt since the fighting started.
* Egypt is already home to 4 million Sudanese migrants.
* Many arriving Sudanese face challenges including finding housing, medical care, and support in Egypt.

Saudi Arabia evacuations: Saudi Arabia has evacuated around 8,500 people from Port Sudan via ships and military flights.
* The country offered short-term visas and does not host refugees.

Challenges faced: Refugees fleeing Sudan are met with numerous challenges, including needing passports for newborns, obtaining visas, and accessing funds to pay for their journey and housing.

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