In Memorial Day remarks, Biden honors troops who ‘gave all’ to protect democracy

President Biden honored fallen soldiers during the 155th Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

The event: Joined by Vice President Harris, first lady Jill Biden, and others, President Biden spoke of the importance of remembering the sacrifices made to protect democracy.
* Biden shared the personal experience of losing his son, Beau Biden, who served in the National Guard in Iraq and died of cancer.

Historical milestones: Biden noted significant anniversaries for the armed forces.
* He mentioned 75 years of a desegregated military, 75 years of women’s full integration, and 50 years of an all-volunteer force.

Debt ceiling negotiations: Biden gave his remarks in Arlington one day after working out a deal with Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
* He expressed confidence that the bill would pass by June 5, the estimated date when the country might run out of money to pay its bills.

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