Heads up! Stunning birds are all around us, even in dense cities

Migratory birds flock to Washington, D.C., providing city dwellers with a chance to witness stunning avian species.

Setting the scene: Fort Slocum Park, located in the heart of D.C., provides a serene, natural environment that attracts a variety of migratory birds.
* The park’s dense canopy of oaks and elms serves as a perfect stopover habitat for birds on their northbound journey.

Birdwatching highlights: Birders can spot and hear a diverse range of species, such as eastern wood-pewees, blue-gray gnatcatchers, red-eyed vireos, and Carolina wrens.
* The vibrant American redstart is a popular favorite among birdwatchers.

Spark birds: Bird enthusiasts often share stories of the bird species that initially sparked their interest, such as the belted kingfisher or the loon.

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