He was a beloved farming legend. But for Reddit, his work ethic meant something else

David Brandt, a sustainable farming pioneer and face behind the “honest work” meme, has died after a car crash, leaving two communities mourning.

In memoriam: Brandt was a mentor and leader in the agricultural world, pushing Ohio’s corn belt farmers to adopt no-till farming techniques.
* He was considered a key figure in the sustainable farming movement and helped fight global warming through his sustainable practices.

The meme story: Brandt’s image was turned into the “honest work” meme, poking fun at the concept of labor in the internet age.
* The meme originated on Reddit in 2018 and gained widespread popularity.

Remembering Brandt: Both agricultural and online communities are paying tribute to him.
* Friends and family celebrate Brandt’s hard work and contributions to the farming world, while internet users offer their own memorials to the “honest work” meme creator.

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