30 international peacekeepers are injured in fierce clashes with Serbs in Kosovo

30 international peacekeepers were injured in clashes with ethnic Serbs in Kosovo amidst tensions between Kosovo and Serbia.

Driving the news: Clashes occurred as Serbs tried to take over the offices of a municipality in northern Kosovo occupied by ethnic Albanian mayors.
* 11 Italian soldiers and 19 Hungarian soldiers were injured, with three Hungarian soldiers suffering from gunshot wounds, but in stable condition.

Tensions escalating: The violence followed attempts by ethnic Serbs to block recently elected ethnic Albanian officials from entering municipal buildings.
* Serbia placed its military on high alert and sent more troops to the border with Kosovo.

International involvement: The United States and European Union have stepped up efforts to help resolve the Kosovo-Serbia dispute.
* Western ambassadors of the Quint (France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States) met with Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti, urging him to de-escalate tensions and denouncing the violence against KFOR troops and journalists.

Historical context: Conflicts between Kosovo and Serbia date back to 1998 when separatist ethnic Albanians rebelled against Serbia’s rule, leading to NATO’s military intervention in 1999.

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