3 new books in translation blend liberation with darkness

Three new novels in translation blend themes of liberation and darkness, taking readers on a journey through human struggles and triumphs.

Featured works: The books include Augusto Higa Oshiro’s “The Enlightenment of Katzuo Nakamatsu,” translated by Jennifer Shyue; Domenico Starnone’s “The House on Via Gemito,” translated by Oonagh Stransky; and Aurora Venturini’s “Cousins,” translated by Kit Maude.
* Each novel offers a different exploration of dark themes, tied together by elements of liberation and the search for freedom.
* “The Enlightenment of Katzuo Nakamatsu” revolves around the protagonist’s sense of lost identity and impending death, taking a tone of wonder rather than sorrow.
* “The House on Via Gemito” follows a man’s battle to overcome his cruel father’s influence on his life and psyche.
* “Cousins” deals with themes of exploitation and abuse, with the protagonist finding liberation through her artistic talents.

In conclusion, these three novels provide a rich exploration of the human experience, bringing together darkness and liberation in a range of settings.

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