A fluorescent green Venice canal is beguiling residents. Police are on the case

A mysterious patch of fluorescent green appeared in Venice’s Grand Canal on Sunday, prompting an investigation.

The situation: Venetians reported the unusual green coloration near the Rialto Bridge, which seemed to spread as the day went on.
* Police are now investigating the origin of the liquid after residents alerted authorities.
* Italy’s fire and rescue agency is working with local environmental officials to identify the substance from collected water samples.

The theories: Online speculation includes algae growth and environmental activist involvement.
* City councilman Andrea Pegoraro blamed climate activists; however, the group Ultima Generazione, known for their protests, claimed the green coloring “wasn’t us.”

Historical context: The event is reminiscent of a 1968 exploit by eco-artist Nicolás García Uriburu, who used neon-green dye called Fluorescein to color the Venice Grand Canal to promote environmental awareness.

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