8 people were rescued after the partial collapse of an apartment building in Iowa

Eight people were rescued following the partial collapse of a six-story apartment building in Davenport, Iowa on Sunday.

Collapse overview: No deaths were reported, but the extent of injuries is still unclear.
* Rescue efforts involved search and rescue teams, specialized dog units, and fire crews.
* Seven people were rescued on Sunday, with an eighth person evacuated overnight.

Building details: The mixed-use building had 84 separate units, mostly residential, and housed retailers and other businesses on the ground floor.
* Gas leaks and compromised structural stability have been reported in the damaged building.

Cause unknown: The immediate cause of the collapse is still uncertain, but repair efforts were underway on the building’s exterior when it collapsed.
* Residents had reportedly complained for months about the need for repairs, with local records showing almost two dozen repair permits sought last year.

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