Playing a religious character without making faith the punchline

Jeff Hiller, an actor in HBO’s ~~”Somebody Somewhere,”~~ discusses growing up gay and Christian in Texas and how the show portrays religion and spirituality.

Background: The show follows Sam (played by Bridget Everett) who reconnects with high-school friend Joel (played by Jeff Hiller). Joel is a religious character, and religion is treated gently rather than a punchline on the show.

Jeff Hiller’s personal story: Hiller grew up in a progressive Lutheran community and almost became a pastor. He believes he now has a community and doesn’t need the formality of a church on Sundays.

Wanting to be a pastor: Hiller used to feel “called” to be a pastor, but in hindsight, he realized he had a passion for performing. If not for being gay, Hiller believes he would be a pastor today.

Current television role: Hiller describes his role in “Somebody Somewhere” as his big break, as it offers him an interior life and a character with a name.

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