Look out, it’s lighthouse season. The government is offering 10 fixer-uppers

The U.S. General Services Administration is offering 10 lighthouses for sale or free transfer to suitable organizations this year.

Preserving history: Every May, the GSA lists lighthouses to help maintain historical sites and relieve taxpayers of the maintenance costs.
* Modern navigation technology has made lighthouses less essential for mariners.

This year’s offerings: Six lighthouses will be transferred at no cost to qualified entities, while four will be auctioned off to the public.
* Eligible recipients include federal, state, or local governments, nonprofits, educational organizations, or other groups.

Notable lighthouses: The historic Warwick Neck Light in Rhode Island and the Nobska Lighthouse in Massachusetts are among the available properties.
* Since the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act was passed in 2000, over 150 lighthouses have found new owners.

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