Erdogan has claimed victory in Turkey’s presidential runoff election

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed victory in Turkey’s presidential runoff election, potentially securing his third term in power.

Unofficial results: Associated Press reported that unofficial results showed Erdogan with approximately 52% of the vote, with 99% of ballot boxes opened.
* The official winner has not yet been declared by Turkey’s election commission.
* This historic runoff election came after the first round failed to produce a clear winner.

Campaign visions: Erdogan and his main opponent, Kilicdaroglu, presented contrasting visions for Turkey’s future.
* Erdogan pushed religious nationalist rhetoric and positioned himself as a leader aiming to make Turkey a global power.
* Kilicdaroglu promised to restore parliamentary democracy, end corruption, and fix the economy.

Impact beyond Turkey: An Erdogan win could have implications for the U.S. and NATO relations, as Turkey has maintained close ties with Russia and expanded the Turkish military’s reach.
* Experts expect Erdogan to continue his current approach in domestic and international affairs.

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