Doc Todd, a rapper who helped other veterans feel ‘Not Alone,’ dies at 38

Rapper and Navy veteran Doc Todd, known for his help in healing fellow veterans with his music, has passed away at the age of 38.

In memory of Doc Todd: Born George Michael Todd, he served in Afghanistan with the 2/8 Marines and later delivered empowering music aimed at helping veterans in their transition to civilian life.
* His album, Combat Medicine, was released in 2017, and one of his most popular songs was ~~”Not Alone.”~~

A life-changing experience: Todd dealt with PTSD after returning from Afghanistan, where he served as a corpsman treating blast and burn injuries and helped save lives from heat casualties.
* He was known for bringing levity to tough situations and maintaining strong connections with fellow vets.

A community mourns: Hundreds of friends and family members attended Todd’s funeral in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
* His music made a significant impact on many veterans, and he is survived by his wife, two daughters, parents, siblings, and countless friends.

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