The Texas AG may be impeached by members of his own party. Here are the allegations

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton faces an impeachment vote over allegations of illegal acts to protect a political donor.

The allegations: The House General Investigating Committee claims Paxton abused his power to intervene in the investigation of real estate investor Nate Paul, who donated $25,000 to his campaign.
* Investigators allege Paxton tried to benefit Paul by changing a ruling on COVID-19 restrictions and fighting federal law enforcement on his behalf.

Paxton’s response: The AG has called the impeachment proceedings politically motivated and “illegal,” claiming that only conduct since the most recent election can be considered.

Background: Paxton has been a controversial figure inside and outside the Republican Party, prosecuting a record number of Texans for voter fraud, defining gender-affirming care as child abuse, and feuding with the federal government over immigration, federal spending, and abortion medication.

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