Republican-led Texas House impeaches state Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Texas House of Representatives has impeached Republican state Attorney General Ken Paxton over allegations of illegal activities related to a political donor.

A historic vote: Paxton has been suspended from his duties temporarily pending a trial in the state Senate.
* Paxton is the first Texas public official to be impeached since 1976.
* Both Republicans and Democrats spoke for and against Paxton’s impeachment on the House floor.

The allegations: Investigators say most of the allegations against Paxton are related to his relationship with Austin real estate investor Nate Paul, who contributed $25,000 to Paxton’s 2018 campaign.
* Paul was being investigated by the FBI in 2020 when he asked Paxton to intervene in the probe, which Paxton did by hiring an outside attorney to issue subpoenas benefiting Paul.

Senate trial: The resolution to impeach now moves to the Texas Senate, which will set up a trial and decide whether to convict Paxton.
* Sen. Angela Paxton, Ken Paxton’s wife, would be one of the senators voting, unless she recuses herself.

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