We asked, you answered: How do you feel about the end of the COVID-19 ’emergency’

The COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency has been lifted by the WHO and CDC, and people are sharing their reactions and concerns about this transition.

Lingering fear of long COVID: Around 10-20% of COVID-19 patients experience long-term symptoms, a concerning aspect of the post-emergency era.
* Lea Bossler of Missoula, Montana, mentions the impact of long COVID on millions of people who lost their health and other aspects of their lives.

A time for renewal: Some, like Debra Saylor of Huntsville, Alabama, find relief, looking forward to renewing social connections.
* Others, like Alex Orford of Lakewood, Colorado, experience heightened anxiety in returning to normal social settings.

The plight of the immunocompromised: Around 2-3% of US adults have compromised immune systems and bear a unique perspective, like Abigail Potter of Hudson, Wisconsin, who acknowledges the ongoing risk for vulnerable populations.

Who’s counting cases?: With reduced reporting and widespread use of at-home tests, readers like Sherry Pelosky of Wilmington, North Carolina, worry about the reliability of COVID-19 case reporting and access to information.

Worries about the cost of COVID care: Readers like Melissa Rohs of Portland, Oregon, express concern about potential increased financial burdens as the pandemic is treated as one more infectious disease among others.

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