Indiana reprimands doctor who spoke publicly about providing 10-year-old’s abortion

Indiana doctor Dr. Caitlin Bernard is being reprimanded and fined $3,000 for speaking publicly about providing a 10-year-old rape victim with an abortion.

Background: The case attracted national attention after Dr. Bernard spoke to an Indianapolis Star reporter about the impact of state abortion laws in the U.S.
* Dr. Bernard said she wanted people to understand the real-world effects of such legislation.

Reprimand details: Indiana’s Medical Licensing Board found Dr. Bernard had violated privacy laws by discussing the case, but rejected charges that she was unfit to practice medicine.
* The state attorney general filed a complaint against her, claiming she failed to report the girl’s sexual assault to Indiana officials and violated patient privacy.

Doctor’s defense: Dr. Bernard and her lawyer maintained that she had not disclosed any protected patient information and had worked with hospital staff to ensure the matter was properly investigated.
* A review by Indiana University Health found she had complied with patient privacy laws.

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