A judge halts South Carolina’s new abortion law pending state Supreme Court review

A judge has temporarily halted South Carolina’s new abortion law that bans most abortions around six weeks of pregnancy until the state Supreme Court can review it.

Temporary reprieve: Judge Clifton Newman’s ruling puts the state’s abortion law back at around 20 weeks, allowing providers to continue offering services.
* Gov. Henry McMaster signed the bill into law, briefly leaving patients and providers in limbo.
* South Carolina’s abortion clinics saw canceled appointments and had to review new regulations when the law took effect.

Comparing past legislation: The South Carolina measure is similar to a 2021 ban on abortion after detecting cardiac activity, which the state Supreme Court ruled violated the state constitution’s right to privacy.
* Legislative leaders believe that the new law makes technical changes that should sway at least one justice to change their mind.

Consequences: Nearly all of the 75 women with appointments for abortions scheduled over the next few days were past six weeks, and Planned Parenthood attorney Kathleen McDaniel said there is already “irreputable harm” happening as a result of the new law.

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