Twitter glitches mar Ron DeSantis’ debut as presidential candidate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential candidacy announcement on Twitter was marred by technical issues on the platform.

The big picture: The live audio event, meant to feature a conversation between DeSantis and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, experienced multiple problems and was described by many as a “disaster.”
* The broadcast was delayed, cut out twice, and ended abruptly after 21 minutes.
* At its peak, the first Spaces had more than 500,000 attendees, while the second had around 150,000.

Platform challenges: Twitter has seen significant changes after Musk’s acquisition, with staff reduced to 10% of its previous size.
* Stability issues have been reported, according to a former Twitter executive.

Reaction: Competitor Bluesky users and others expressed little surprise but still found the situation “amazing” in its failure.

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