Texas high school delays its graduation, after only a handful met diploma requirements

Marlin High School in Texas has postponed its graduation due to a lack of students meeting diploma requirements.

The backstory: Out of 33 seniors in the school’s traditional program, only five initially met the requirements for a diploma.
* After working with students, 12 more met the requirements, but the district postponed the ceremony to wait for more students to graduate.

Student and parent frustrations: Students and parents voiced their disappointment and anger at the school’s handling of the situation.
* They cited issues such as teachers’ frequent absences and delayed notifications about class-hour credits.

School district response: The school’s dean of instruction and superintendent defended the school’s efforts to warn parents and ensure students met graduation requirements.
* The superintendent emphasized that Marlin students will be held to the same standard as other Texas students.

Marlin school changes: The school will convert to a four-day schedule next year, hoping to reduce absentee rates and attract high-quality teachers.

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