Latest in Ukraine: Zelenskyy scores F-16 training, as Russia claims to take Bakhmut

The war in Ukraine continues with no end in sight, and recent events include President Zelenskyy securing F-16 training and Russia claiming to take Bakhmut.

Diplomatic efforts: China’s special envoy Li Hui visits Ukraine and European countries to encourage political settlement talks between Russia and Ukraine.
* Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin will also visit China for more talks between the two governments.

F-16 training: President Biden endorses training Ukrainian pilots on F-16s, after initially expressing reluctance, and Russia warns of “colossal risks” for Western countries.
* Zelenskyy assured that Ukraine would not use F-16s to strike inside Russia.

City capture: Russia claimed it captured the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, while Ukraine insisted the battle was not over.
* Similar claims have occurred previously in what is now considered the longest battle of the ongoing war.

Additional developments: Ukraine’s grain deal with Russia was renewed, and the country secured military aid and tightened sanctions on Russia at the G-7 summit.
* Reports indicate that Ukraine’s spring counteroffensive may have already started.

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