Canadian wildfire smoke is prompting air quality warnings in the western U.S.

Canadian wildfire smoke is causing air quality warnings in the western United States, affecting multiple states including Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah.

State of play: Smoke from Canadian wildfires in Alberta has drifted into the northwestern United States, prompting air quality alerts.
* Montana issued an air quality alert for more than three dozen counties, with some experiencing “very unhealthy” air quality levels.
* Eastern Colorado, including Denver and Colorado Springs, faced unhealthy air quality levels at points on Sunday.
* Utah and Idaho also started seeing wildfire smoke on Friday and issued warnings for vulnerable residents.

Looking ahead: A Pacific cold front is expected to bring rain and wind, which could help disperse the smoke.
* The air quality is predicted to improve, but some health impacts on residents, particularly those at higher risk, are still possible through Sunday afternoon.

By the numbers: Canadian fire officials said that wildfires this year have burned over two million acres in Alberta alone.

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