A remarkable new view of the Titanic shipwreck is here, thanks to deep-sea mappers

Deep-sea mappers have created the first-ever full-sized digital scan of the Titanic, offering a new perspective on the iconic shipwreck.

Technological breakthrough: Using technology developed by Magellan Ltd, scientists have mapped the entire Titanic wreck, including its debris field, resulting in a highly accurate photorealistic 3D model.
* The model allows people to view the entire shipwreck for the first time.

Unprecedented scale: The underwater scanning project generated 16 terabytes of data and over 715,000 still images and 4k video footage, making it the largest underwater 3D model ever attempted.
* The model is considered a game changer for Titanic exploration and underwater research in general.

Applications and future prospects: Experts believe the model could help solve some of the ship’s mysteries, while advances in technology will continue to drive the next generation of underwater archaeology.
* The modeling data will have applications for the preservation and study of other deep-sea shipwrecks and ocean environments worldwide.

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