Enter Camilla, a modern and complex queen

Camilla Parker Bowles is set to become Queen Consort following her husband King Charles III’s coronation.

Who is she: Camilla is a controversial figure in British royal history, becoming Charles’ wife in 2005 after being his mistress during his marriage to Princess Diana.

  • Both Camilla and Charles have been divorced, a modern aspect of royal life.

Why it matters: Camilla’s position as Queen Consort will allow her to advocate for causes such as stopping domestic violence.

  • Public opinion on Camilla has evolved since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, with increasing acceptance.

Who said what: Journalist Tina Brown said the British public has warmed up to Camilla after 20 years as a working royal and her hardworking, gracious, and humorous nature.

  • Prince Harry’s recent memoir, however, criticizes Camilla, accusing her of feeding negative stories about him and Meghan to the press.

What to watch: The official coronation ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 6, at Westminster Abbey.

  • The response to Camilla’s new status could serve as a test on whether modern British society will accept a leader with a less traditional rise to power.
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