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  • Mt. Everest is plagued by garbage. These Nepali women are transforming it into crafts

    A group of Nepali women, led by Sunita Kumari Chaudhary, are transforming waste collected from Mt. Everest into crafts, with the initiative also supporting government efforts to clean the mountains since 2019. Waste recovery efforts: The Nepali Army’s “Safa Himal Aviyan” (Clean Mountain Campaign) has been working to clear the mountain of waste since 2019. […]

  • Ex-FBI official gets over 2 years in prison for receiving $225,000 tied to Albania

    Former FBI counterintelligence official, Charles McGonigal, has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for accepting money linked to Albania and trying to conceal their financial relationship. Corruption Verdict: McGonigal, who oversaw national security operations for the FBI in New York, received around $225,000 in 2017 from a businessman associated with the Albanian […]

  • U.N. court says Gaza genocide is ‘plausible,’ but does not order cease-fire

    The International Court of Justice has judged it ‘plausible’ that Israel violated the Genocide Convention in relation to its actions in Gaza, but has not ordered a cease-fire. Key judgement: The court found it plausible that Israel violated the Genocide Convention, ordering Israel to ensure it does not commit prohibited acts. * The court has […]

  • U.S. strikes Houthi targets in Yemen

    The United States has launched strikes on Houthi militant targets in Yemen following repeated attacks by the Iranian-backed group on international and US ships. Background: This military action follows over two months of Houthi attacks in the Red Sea that included more than two dozen drone and missile incursions targeting cargo ships, and even a […]

  • FAA orders grounding of certain Boeing 737 Max 9 planes after Alaska Airlines incident

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered a grounding and immediate inspection of 171 Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft worldwide, following a mid-flight emergency during an Alaska Airlines flight. Incident details: An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to land abruptly in Portland, Oregon, after experiencing in-flight issues on Friday night. * Alaska Airlines has grounded […]

  • Myanmar says an ethnic alliance has seized a key city bordering China

    Myanmar’s military government acknowledges the seizure of Laukkaing, a critical city on the northeastern border with China, by an ethnic alliance. On the ground: The takeover of Laukkaing by the Three Brotherhood Alliance marks one of the most significant setbacks for Myanmar’s military since the ethnic alliance launched an offensive in October. * The alliance […]

  • The Pope wants surrogacy banned. Here’s why one advocate says that’s misguided

    Pope Francis recently called for a worldwide ban on surrogacy, a move that has drawn criticism from individuals and agencies involved in this practice. Driving the news: Pope Francis denounced surrogacy as a ~~”grave violation of dignity”~~ and equated it to “trafficking” in his speech on Monday. * He believes surrogacy exploits the women who […]

  • Hezbollah fires rockets at northern Israel in response to killing of a Hamas leader

    Hezbollah, a Lebanese militia group, has fired dozens of rockets at northern Israel, saying it’s a retaliation for the alleged Israeli killing of a top Hamas leader in Lebanon. Driving the News: The rocket attack follows a declaration by Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, that his group would retaliate for the killing of Saleh Arouri, […]

  • South Korea says the North has again fired artillery shells near their sea border

    North Korea has conducted another round of artillery drills near the disputed sea boundary with South Korea, according to officials in Seoul. Background: The firing exercises were a follow-up to similar drills conducted by North Korea, which had led South Korea to respond with its own firing exercises. * These actions violate a 2018 inter-Korean […]

  • Why watermelons are a symbol of Palestinian solidarity

    Watermelons have become a symbol of Palestinian solidarity, employed as a workaround to online censorship and to communicate support for the Palestinian cause. The Conflict and the Symbol: Watermelons were adopted as a symbol of Palestinian solidarity due to their color matching the Palestinian flag. * The fruit’s imagery is now being used in protests, […]