Cuba Gooding Jr. settles a civil sex abuse case just as trial was set to begin

Cuba Gooding Jr. has settled a civil sex abuse case, just as the trial was set to begin, involving accusations that he raped a woman in a New York City hotel a decade ago.

Background: The Oscar-winning actor insisted through lawyers that the encounter with the woman was consensual after the two met at a nearby restaurant.
* The trial was to start with jury selection in New York federal court before the matter was resolved.

Settlement details: Little information is available, but the lawsuit initially sought $6 million in damages.
* Attorney Gloria Allred, one of several representing the woman, declined to comment.

Additional testimony: Late last week, the judge ruled that three more women who also claimed sudden sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults by Gooding in social settings could testify during the trial.
* One planned witness, Kelsey Harbert, previously told police that Gooding fondled her without her consent at a New York bar in 2019.

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